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Stratus Informatix LLC

A consulting firm helping companies leverage cloud computing technology for business applications.


​​Businesses today are competing in a global, mobile, interconnected economy. Stratus Informatix LLC helps companies leverage technology in order to better communicate, collaborate, and innovate in today's continually changing business environment.

Not only is technology rapidly changing, but the rate of change continues to ramp up dramatically. Companies of all sizes, in all industries, in one location or spread out over the globe are constantly striving to become more efficient. They are leveraging technology.

Through the intelligent use of technology, Stratus Informatix LLC has become a trusted partner to businesses, helping them better communicate and collaborate with stakeholders: Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Sales Reps, Trade Partners, Regulators, Bankers and the myriad of parties businesses come in contact with.

The world has become a faster place in which to conduct business. Collaboration is the future of business innovation and competitiveness, allowing businesses to respond faster to opportunities, resolve customer issues more quickly, and obtain critical information and ideas in a more timely fashion. Technology connects businesses to markets previously out of reach.

The static, hierarchical communication methods of the past lost their effectiveness some time ago. Today's new paradigm has replaced this old, static structure: cloud computing, social media, smart phones, tablet computers, WI-FI and HI-speed cell phone networks. Today's systems (ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Workflow) are designed to take advantage of the new cloud technologies and work together as a single system. Rather than waiting for information that you may never get, in order to take an action, today's systems proactively alert you to both opportunities and alarms - as they are happening - so you can be a step ahead of competitors. Stratus Informatix LLC has transitioned companies to take advantage of the new technology and shown them how to succeed in today's global, mobile, interconnected business world.

Effective communication technology enables people to talk, listen, share opinions and reach out.

Leveraging technology means knowing how to deal with the increased amount and flow of data. Stratus Informatix LLC has successfully transformed businesses to be able to convert this data into usable information that can be sent (Communicate) to the right person or persons (Collaborate) who can devise the most appropriate response (Innovate).

Let Stratus Informatix LLC help you leverage today's cloud computing technology to better Communicate, Collaborate and Innovate!

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