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Lanham Associates products are developed to extend the supply chain functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and are being used at over 2100 customers.





Lanham EDI is unique in that it includes a logical mapping tool, built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to allow the seamless mapping of EDI transactions within the business system.


Perhaps the most important part of an EDI solution is the integration with your internal business processes, yet many companies use a number of software packages, often not integrated, to try to accomplish this task. Historically, EDI translation has been handled outside the business system, leaving the final linkage into the business system database to programmers, hard-coded programs, or

even manual entry.

The Lanham EDI product takes a more efficient approach by incorporating the mapping and cross-reference process inside NAV. This provides a single mapping process between the EDI documents and the business system database, a consistent user interface, NAV native drill down from either a business document or an EDI document to the related transaction detail, and a logical place for EDI archives.




E-Ship allows the user to plan and execute shipping from the time of the sales order through shipping manifest. 


E-Ship can drive shipping accuracy to new levels. Users report that their shipping accuracy approaches 100% when using E-Ship. Not only do they know that they shipped the correct items in multiple packages, but they also know which items are in each package, and the tracking numbers for those packages. 


By having E-Ship embedded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the user experiences unprecedented functionality and unlimited access to data from inside the business system, a far different experience than having to track information through the ERP system and then various package carriers' systems to understand product and shipping information.




ACE Warehousing extends the power of an advanced, automated warehouse to handheld devices creating a comprehensive, wireless warehouse solution. The solution works the way you do. Transactions can be initiated on the handheld device or initiated inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV and completed on the handheld.


With real-time data validation and processing, ACE Warehousing streamlines processes, improves order accuracy, and makes warehouse workers more productive.



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