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Easy Security for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) makes it very easy to set up roles and permissions for multiple users across multiple companies – saving you time, money and resources when setting up security for NAV.


Easy Security contains a "Recorder" for permissions, that captures all permissions simply by using the application. By adding a Source Code Analyzer on top of the recordings is the Roles created correct the first time, avoiding costly trial and error approach to creating a new role or updating an existing one.


In the standard NAV application is it a very time-consuming and challenging task to assign the right roles to the right users due to the many different roles available. NAV Easy Security simplifies this process by allowing you to create groups of roles and companies and assign these to users.


A user can be assigned the same permissions as another user – meaning you only need to maintain one user.

NAV Easy Security also makes Form-Level Security (and other object-type level security) very simple. You only have to select the objects that you want to limit access to, NAV Easy Security automatically maintains permissions for the remainder of the objects.

Even multiple add-ons and customizations in the database are easy to manage with NAV Easy Security, Every change can be recorded to create the necessary roles, and you can easily add these recordings to  existing roles or build new roles.


The Easy Security application is available for the RoleTailored Client and the Classic Client. Maintaining permissions for logins, recording and building roles can all be done from the RoleTailored interface. A new Role Center is offered for the task of maintaining security, making security tasks available from one easy place.

  • Works in RoleTailored and Classic Client

  • Record permissions with the SQL Profiler or the Client Monitor

  • Add relations based on source code works as a Data Dictionary for the customer’s source code as well

  • Easy to limit access to critical objects (for example, Form-Level Security on G/L Entries)

  • Create groups of roles and companies to simplify administration

  • Use "Permissions as User ID"

  • Explode permissions for a login to verify permissions before activating in Live

  • Work with permissions offline, publish when ready

  • Ability to always go back to previous permissions with Restore Points

  • Export and import between live and test databases for Restore Points, Recordings and Built Roles

  • Statistical information for easy overview of relations

  • Easily add multiple roles or objects

  • Where-used for roles, objects and companies

  • English, German, Spanish, French, Danish and Dutch language packs, soon to be released Italian and Portuguese

  • Works with all application versions running 3.70 executable or later

  • No modifications or merge required, all new objects

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